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Frequently Asked Questions about Global Shop
7 October, 2022 by
Global Shop Services by OYBI
Joe Hamburger
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose you over the manufacturer?

The answer is right there; we are not the manufacturer. We have no interest in proving to you why you bought the software; we are not trying to protect intellectual property or brand image. We are working for you, which means we are only focused on your needs, objectives, and goals. No matter how we have to obtain that success, we will. We will always work to form the system around your needs, not around the system.

If you are going to be in a race, you need to make your car perform better, run smoother, and be faster. Do you take it back to the dealer and manufacturer? Or, do you take it to a high-performance speed shop?

Do you charge more?

Currently, our hourly rates are the same, with the same two-hour minimum. This comes from Global Shop being the first ERP platform that we consulted on after our CEO left Global Shop to start OYBI. Many times we quote similar jobs at fewer hours, and our goal is to always be on time and on budget. While we technically work as an agile time and materials project, we quote a project with a group of hours and strive to bring that project in on budget and on time. If scope changes or issues arise, then we discuss the next step and look at any additional budget requirements before continuing. We don't like to have our checkbook opened to a blank check, so we treat our clients and customers the same.

Does this hurt my warranty?

It will not affect any warranty you have with Global Shop Solutions since we never change, alter the source code, or disrupt the framework.

Do you have support programs?

We offer several types of support plans. Ask your account manager about the options that will work best for your needs.

Do I need to buy GAB?

You can, but only if you plan on working on programming yourself. We don't recommend it, and we already have it, so right off the bat, working with us can save you time and money. Since GAB runs about $10,000, it makes it easy to choose a professional to work with.

How long does it take to get a quote?

We try to provide all quotes within 4 to 18 hours from the time of gathering all the required information.

How long does it take to start a project?

Our lead times vary; they have been as low as 0 weeks and as high as 7 weeks. Our historical average and internal goal is to not be higher than 3 weeks.

How long does it take to get a project done?

Our current average is 5.8 weeks from payment to delivery. Our goal is 4 to 6 weeks. Obviously, it will change based on the size and scope of the projects.

Do I always have to explain myself.

No, we assign you to a team. You have the same account manager, project manager, team lead, and usually the same developer. This means the team knows you, your business, your goals, and your system. You don't have to keep explaining who you are, what your goals are, and what your needs and issues are. It is one of the benefits of being a smaller company with very low turnover. Our team members are experts, professionals, and client focused.

Do you offer financing?

No, we don't offer financing. But we do offer payment programs to help spread cash flow out on larger projects. What is offered is dependent upon the scope of work and the length of time.

Global Shop Services by OYBI
Joe Hamburger October 7, 2022
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