Power in an Affordable Package
Odoo over powers legacy MRP systems
7 October, 2022 by
Power in an Affordable Package
Joe Hamburger
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The new face of Manufacturing systems is here.    This system does standard what many manufacturing companies have spent thousands on in customizations.   What makes odoo a great manufacturing ERP platform, isn't that it comes out of the box with a lot of standard functionality.  While that part is true, there is a lot more base functionality in odoo's manufacturing module than most.    It is the pure adaptive nature of odoo.   The fact that it is easily customized to the needs of your business.

There is a very valid reason that there are more than 7 million users, and more are joining everyday.    Manufacturing is vastly different than retail, or professional services, or any other business.    In most retail businesses the needs of inventory tracking, location, point of sale, etc. are all virtually the same.  It is simply the product or service you are selling that changes.   

Manufacturing has similar processes, and to those who are not experts in the field, or been in the industry, it would seem that the processes or stages and steps and the same.   Raw Materials are purchases, labor and technology is applied to those resources and products are produced.   Simple straight forward right.   Wrong.  Those in the industry can look at this and quickly start to as questions.  Are their sub-assemblies, are certain inventory items or components manufactured? purchases, both?   What about where things are stored between stages.   What operations are there, what is the process.    That isn't even getting into the sales process, or accounting needs.

Manufacturing requires a very versatile platform with a lot of flexibility to provide the adaptability that today's manufacturing companies require.   That is the good of odoo.   In fact that is the fantastic part of odoo and why it is our preferred and most recommended ERP platform for manufacturing.

Ok the bad, with it being open source, and with it being so easily adaptable and easy to write modules for and work in.  This opens the door for a lot of programmers, developers, and or coders to be writing modules for manufacturing with zero experience in manufacturing.   The market might have almost as many "consultants" and "odoo experts" in it as it has users.   This is where research is key, and buyer be ware is paramount.  Be sure that you choose a company with direct manufacturing experience.   One that is both a manufacturing consulting company as well as software developer.    There are not very many of us.    Even those big companies who are names the best odoo partner of 2014 and 2015 may not actually have as much experience as a company like ours.

All that glitters is gold right, not in this case.   Everyone should know that the grading system for odoo partners isn't based at all on customer or client reviews or surveys.  There is no checking of a companies skill in servicing any industries or specific groups of clients.  It is 100% based upon the number of new clients that partner signs up for odoo.   That isn't a bad way for them to grade things at all.    What that means for clients is that a Gold partner isn't better than a ready partner.   It just means they are bigger and focused on acquisition as opposed to support.   Another concern is communication, because odoo started in Belgium and 80% of their developers are overseas located in Pakistan, India, and Pan-Pacific locations finding a partner that is truly local to your business is difficult.  Finding a company that is based 100% in the US and understands US manufacturing accounting and tax issues is even more difficult.

Odoo has the capability to be the best and most scalable ERP platform to come along in a long time. 

 It is our primary and most recommended manufacturing ERP platform for OYBI.

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Power in an Affordable Package
Joe Hamburger October 7, 2022
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