Mission Critical
Your ERP Is you greatest tool for success.
31 May, 2023 by
Mission Critical
Joe Hamburger
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There were two very interesting surveys done a few years ago by the Wall Street Journal about ERP systems.   The first one was a general question of if companies valued and liked their ERP system.   73% of the US Based Manufacturing firms that responded said they did not like or value their ERP system.   Obviously that means 27% do value and like their ERP.    I am sure they got into which ERP the companies had and other questions.   

But essentially it boils down to a 70/30 split of manufacturing companies that value or like their ERP system.     

Here is the fun part, the following year included in the annual survey was the question how many companies utilize consultants to help them improve their ERP systems.   Roughly 30% of the companies surveyed actively invested in the improvement of their ERP system.  Meaning 70% take the one and done approach, or self developed and self improved approach.

What is says is that the 30% who invest in their ERP system use, value, and like their ERP system.   WHY?  Because the system is fit to their needs, it has been optimized to provide the performance and create the efficiency that the company needs.

Why wouldn't you continually invest in this systems improvement and growth?  It is by far your single most valuable tool, and your second most valuable asset that you have behind your employees.

Companies rely on their ERP systems to control communication, product flow, sales figures, marketing, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, quality control,  accounting, and even strategic planning needs drive off the ERP system.   The company requires that system to perform at it absolute highest capacity and performance levels.  To drive the results that are needed, means that the system has to be configured optimally, as well as be easy to use and molded to the processes of the company.

This can only be achieved by investing in your ERP system.   By their very nature all ERP systems are designed out of the box to perform at 70% to maybe 80% of the needs you will need for your company.     Think of it like a suit you are buying off the rack.    More likely than not you will run into an issue of fit, and it not looking good on you.  You know when you buy that suit that it is going to have to be altered to fit your body and comfort level.      To look your best, you have to tailor the suit.    To get the most out your ERP system you have to tailor the system to you.

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Mission Critical
Joe Hamburger May 31, 2023
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