What Level of Odoo Partner do I need?
Gold doesn't mean its the best.
6 October, 2022 by
What Level of Odoo Partner do I need?
Joe Hamburger
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There are three primary levels of Odoo partners: Ready, Silver, and Gold. None of these levels tell you the kind of company they are, only the number of certified associates and total number of clients. While you might think that a higher-level partner, such as Silver or Gold, is better than a lower level, that isn’t necessarily true at all. First, people should understand that these levels are based only on certified employees and, more importantly, on newly acquired clients. For example, a Gold partner must obtain 125 new clients per quarter to remain a gold partner. There is no criteria for client satisfaction or client retention; there is only the acquisition of new clients. In pitfalls of Gold Partners, we talk more in depth about how this can impact a business and an implementation. Also, at the gold or silver partner levels, there is no requirement to have advanced knowledge or expertise in a specific industry. This is why we want to point out that there is no benefit to looking for a Gold or Silver partner over a Ready Partner. What is important is that they can demonstrate the ability to do what you need them to do for your company.

If you have spent any time with Odoo, you will see there are more “consultants” and “gurus” for Odoo than there are users. Remember, just because a person understands Odoo and how to code or customize Odoo does not mean that they understand your business or your industry well enough to implement or customize Odoo for your businesses needs.

What Level of Odoo Partner do I need?
Joe Hamburger October 6, 2022
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