A Stron​g Foundation

Many companies have Mission Statements or value statements. We use our values as our most valued metric. We measure our success and failures not by revenue or client successes but by our ability to hold to their foundational pillars. 

Everything we do comes from these values.

Everything we do comes from these values. Our core values are who we are. They guide how we make decisions, who we hire for our team, and ultimately who we work with as clients. They are a gauge and guide for our processes, decisions, focus, planning, and execution. Our value to clients grows from these values that we hold dear.


Doing what is right for others, even when it isn't right for you, is one of the ways we put integrity into motion.  Holding to our word is another way we focus on Integrity.


A driving force for anyone, but when it's combined with integrity and passion, it becomes a force to see others succeed. A push to help, a drive to empower others.


For success to happen, you have to absolutely love what you do. Each member of the OYBI team is driven by a passion to see others achieve their potential. Whether it's coworkers or clients, that passion brings us in early and sends us home late.

Creative Problem Solving

Not everything fits nicely into a box. In fact, to succeed, you must be able to adapt, flex, and bend without breaking. It is the ability to bring a varied vision to a problem, to not be confined by any proprietary process or products. We approach each problem with one point of view. To solve the problem our client is having, this allows us to explore every tool and method we have at our disposal to achieve this goal.

Effective Communication

We believe that you can't help people or companies if you are guarded or restrained in your communication. This is also true if you can't communicate processes, benefits, needs, and solutions. There are times when being blunt and direct are critical to the success and support of a client's goals and needs, but communication isn't a one-way street. Effective Communication also means taking the time to hear the clients' issues and needs and building the best solution for them.


The culmination of our combined core values is the desire, ability, focus, and expertise to drive higher levels of performance in your company.  Performance is the key to your growth and success.