Supporting Your Success

Strengthen Your CORE

Get Your Team Performing the Best!

To win, your people, processes, systems, and tools have to be at their optimum. To compete in the current environment, you can't miss a beat. Success demands maximum levels of performance from every asset you have. This includes your ERP. Who will provide the best support for that? A single person you hire internally who you hope knows enough about your system and manufacturing to maintain operational effectiveness. Maybe the manufacturer with thousands of employees with various level of experience and knowledge to support your most critical system. Or would a team of professionals who understand your business and your ERP system inside and out be the best choice. A whole team of experts focused only on your growth and success.

OYBI is your ERP Support and Optimization Team


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Consulting
  • Customization


  • Optimization
  • Objective Clarification
  • Original Mission


  • Reliability
  • Resources
  • Refocused


  • Engagement
  • Elevation
  • Emergency Support

Added Benefits

Fixed Rate Pricing

You get the benefit of a fixed rate price for any project or support you choose to do outside of a program, as well as if you use up all your allocated time before the end of the year. That discounted pricing is fixed.

Discounted Modules

You get a discount on any modules or applications that you purchase from OYBI during the subscription time frame.

Focused Improvement

The process of CORE is designed to keep improvement top of mind. It supports your ERP system with training, support, optimization, and customization, as well as focusing on asking questions about how you need it to perform.

Performance Perfected

Our Core Program has just the level of support your company needs to improve processes, systems, and teams. No matter your objective, we are at the CORE.