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The Best ERP System for Manufacturing

Odoo provides a high performance solution for the extreme demands of today's fast paced manufacturing industry.

Odoo Services Provided by OYBI


Need that your shiny new ERP system installed and implemented into your manufacturing company properly.   Talk to us about our Proven Process that drives the results you need.


Need your Odoo System to connect with some of your other system or tools.  OYBI can link your system together to increase the performance you are getting out of odoo.


Feel like your Odoo system isn't set up right, think it is more how you set it up and the people using it that is the issue.   OYBI can help with a system performance review, and establish system process specific training, support, and review of your configuration.


Perhaps you tried to implement on your own, or the partner you chose the first time really didn't understand the unique complexities that manufacturing companies face.  Simply knowing the system framework and coding isn't enough.  You have to understand manufacturing.  We can get you back on track and fully optimized.

Performance is the Key to Success.

Be sure you are getting the Most

 Out Of Your Odoo ERP!

Easy To Use

Your ERP system first and foremost should be easy to  navigate and use..

Fast and Reliable

Your ERP must be reliable and fast.  You can't lose time to your system being down, or waiting for processes to run.

Real Time

Today's manufacturing environment requires data to be updated in real time, decisions must be made with up to the moment data.

Increased Productivity

If you system doesn't support your production processes and remove duplicative entry, then you have the wrong system.  You should be able to have all your system functions in one cohesive system.

OYBI Process

At OYBI it isn't just that we know how Odoo works, or can create customized modules for your in it.    It also isn't that we have more than 80 combined years of experience in the manufacturing industry, consulting and helping company improve their processes.  It is much more than that.   It is the way we combine those two levels of expertise and focus them on your company and the issues you have.   Our process is what makes us different.   We don't look at individual projects, or one problem or issue at a time.   We invest the time in you to understand your business as a whole.  How these issues are impacting your company at every level.   It is a critical part of helping improve our clients levels of performance, it is mission critical when it comes to increasing productivity and getting the most out of odoo.   If we don't know you, we are no better than any service provider you can find.   It is the the title of Odoo Partner than we take to heart.


We meet and discuss basic needs and issues. Get to know your business and you get to see how we do ours.


Once we have a mutual NDA we start to look deeper at your processes, systems, current issues, and your goals.


We will do a comprehensive performance review to catch major bottle necks and issues, and build a plan to deal with those issues.


We provide a formal quote based upon recommendations and agreed upon course of action.


Once accepted we completed the project or consulting delivering to the highest level.


After the project is delivered we work to maintain a proactive approach with ideas and ways to improve your systems and continue to grow.

We are your best choice as an

Odoo Manufacturing Partner

When you work with Odoo you are assigned a partner.  Many of these partners have offices, employees, and developers all over the world.  For Odoo us being a partner is focused more on the business we bring to Odoo.   We look at that completely different, in fact we flip that notion right over on its head.  As an assigned partner we believe it is our duty for our Odoo users that we bring value to them.  A partner is someone who brings value to the relationship.   If there isn't a partner mindset, and if there isn't a focus on growth and improving.  Then you are working with a service provider.   OYBI is not a service provider, we are a manufacturing focused partner with Offices in Ludington, MI and developers located in the United States.    We want to carve out a niche and work with North American based Manufacturing companies who are serious about growth and success.

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