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Our Primary ERP Support is for

Odoo and Global Shop Solutions.

Like a high-performance race car and race team, you need to have a strong focus on a shared goal. You need a team able to engage with clients and each other in an easy and intuitive manner. Getting the machine to excel and perform at the highest level must be a very easy, fluid dance. Your technology is critical to this effort. Your ERP must be performing at the highest level of performance it can. Your team and processes must be at their very best as well.

OYBI Supports Your Company

Manufacturing Consulting

Laying the frame work from the shop floor to the board room. Clarifying vision and streamlining the visions builds a stronger company.

ERP Consultation

An under utilized ERP system is a wasted tool and can cause more waste, cost, errors, and issues than your investment. It is your second most critical asset and your most mission critical system. It should be treated as such.

Process Improvement

Driving the message and vision to your team. Creating the physical system and process to help draw on the strengths of your team.

ERP Implementation

Fragmented systems cause employee frustration and added cost for API connections. If you operate from many different systems, a centralized ERP should be next on your list of needed corporate assets.

Key Elements of Success





Key Elements of an ERP

Notice how the key elements of success for your team mirror the key elements of an ERP. An ERP is designed to help you manage your team, manage your business and automate redundant functions so that all your actions follow a preset specific process with no bias. A fully optimized ERP will allow your team to communicate better, perform basic repetitive tasks, and reduce frustration in your team and with your clients. It helps to streamline ordering, inventory control, production, and shipping. This will allow for time to be spent on managerial and process improvement tasks instead of basic tasks. It will allow you to plan better with access to real-time information.  All of this is designed to bring forth greater engagement by your team in the mission and vision of the company. It is all about mirroring your processes and systems with technology.


How well your team can adapt, pivot, communicate, and engage with each other and clients is the real key to your companies success.

Optimizing their efficiency is all about training, support, effective communication, planning, and execution of the plan. This is dependent upon being able to transfer knowledge across the whole team and having accurate, real-time information to plan and make critical decisions. It is also critical to free up as much time as possible and make processes smooth and easy to do. This will eliminate a lot of frustration with your team and allow them to fully engage for maximum levels of performance and engagement with the company's goals and vision.



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