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What is an OYBI

Pronounced (Oi-Bee) it is more than just an acronym standing for Optimize Your Business Intelligence.   The concept of Optimization of your single most power tool in your business.  Which unleashes the uncapped potential of your greatest asset.    We are OYBI and we will change your company for the better.

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We Are All Guided By Something

OYBI is guided by their CORE VALUES.   It is the founding principles of our value proposition, but it also guides our culture, our goals, and our focus on our clients.   These help us manage our team and determine who can be on our team.   Every person at OYBI is there because the hold true to these values and they have the passion, expertise, and integrity to have earned their position and seat the occupy.


Core Values

Our processes, focus, goals, vision, and how we treat each other and our clients comes from this.  Everything we do starts with our CORE VALUES.

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Meet our Leadership Team


You are only as good as those who back you up, and at OYBI we are backed by the best.

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Proven Process

We have developed a systemized process to best serve the needs of our clients and create a fun, respectful work environment for our employees.

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Where Did it All Start?

In the little town of Ludington Michigan, OYBI started as a passion project by Brian Lefler, while working at Global Shop Solutions saw a better way to support companies that are using Global Shop Solutions.    That became an idea that grew into more than just servicing Global Shop, but also work with Epicore, ECI, and now Odoo as our primary recommendation for the best manufacturing ERP and the Most Value for your Money Manufacturing ERP.    What started as one man's vision grew to two, then three, and we continue to grow today.   All dedicated to the success and growth of our clients by optimizing their ERP system and unleashing the untapped potential of their employees.