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Own Your BI, LLC (OYBI) was founded in 2015 in Ludington Michigan. Our rapidly growing team boasts some of the most extensive Manufacturing + ERP Knowledge available, and is ready to help your team achieve greatness.

Manufacturing Consulting

Your ERP system is like a performance sports car. You wouldn't take it to the dealership or the local chain shop to maximize it's capabilities. No, you would take it to the shop that has a reputation for turning out the fastest, best handling cars.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

ERP Systems come with numerous reports. If there is a report for everything except your current need, reports that need additional data, or reports that need to be reformatted we can meet your custom reporting needs. 


Sometimes there is that one nagging item on your wishlist that would make your job 10 times easier and other times there are complete processes that don't fit into the structure of your ERP system. These are the types of challenges that we solve each and every day.


Our support team will act as an extension to your team.


Our entire staff is committed to being the best in their field.

Service After the Sale

We build long term relationships, by being a partner in your success.

We Are Awesome

We are a positive group of like-minded people - looking to make the most fun, out of the most complicated scenarios.