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Providing High Performance

 Manufacturing ERP Solutions

OYBI is dedicated to supporting U.S. Based manufacturing companies in their pursuit for growth, and success.  We provide support in processes, systems, technology, and training.  If it is mission critical to your company, it is mission critical to us.

Simplifying the Complex Business Adventure

Focused on four business areas that are fundamental to success and growth.

Supercharge your team and get the performance your company needs.


Back to Basics, processes are critical to success.  They keep you focused, efficient, and reduce stress.  Understanding your processes and streamlining them is a major factor in success or failure.


The technology, how it works, how it is supported, and how well it communicates with other technology and it's users is critical.  Fractured systems fail, unified systems succeed.


Processes and Systems are only as good as the people using them.  The faster the speed of your business, the more highly skilled your team has to be to keep up.  Training is essential to successful use of processes and systems.  It is even more important for team moral, growth,  and your positive corporate culture.


Support is essential to maintaining three three mission critical components listed here.  When you need support your can't wait.  It is always a mission critical moment delays mean you bleed money, moral, and opportunities.

Manufacturing is our Niche

Our background and history is in Manufacturing, most of our team and certainly our leadership and ownership come from a strong background of manufacturing.   It is that underlying base of knowledge that is required to truly properly implement a ERP system into a manufacturing company.   While manufacturing basic process appear simple and straight forward.  Every single manufacturing company is unique in their processes, systems, and customer base.  That is why we have taken our background and dedicated ourselves to serve the U.S Manufacturing Industry.  To help them grow, complete, and thrive.


We have the experience and expertise in both manufacturing and software development.   We are the best at bringing the two of those together to support your goals and needs.


Having been in manufacturing we understand the challenges every company faces.  We know how difficult change can be, and without the ability to adapt an organization can die.  We bring a level of understanding to what we do that no other company is capable of.


We believe strongly in the term Partner.   We believe that we must bring value to the business relationship.  We are not transactional.  We will dig deeper, and like a trusted friend, we have those hard conversations and reveal the hard truths that will ultimately make you more successful.   We want to focus on the future and help you shape your.    Your success is our our Success.


We are a fun group of people.   We know that if you enjoy what you do, that passion spreads.   We try to put the FUN back into fundamentals.


The saying "you get what you pay for" has never been more true that it is here.  You try to save money, your you do it yourself.  It always ends the same.

Get it done right the first time, invest in your implementation.


Connection is critical to getting the job done. 

Seamless communication between systems is standard need in manufacturing today.  


You are paying the money, are you getting the most out of your system.

Do you need customization, dashboards, reports, modules, etc.?


Right Now

When you need help it is an emergency, and won't wait a week or two.


To get more performance out of your system, your team has to be  better.  The only way to be better is to keep learning.